Buy Back Return Policy

Product Return & Refund Policy

At Elevatelife Products, it's our passion to ensure our highest quality of our products and ensure your satisfaction. However, at times even the best of our efforts doesn’t meet your desired expectations. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product, you may return it within 30 days of purchase date for a refund as per the terms of the Returns Policy.

Please notify the issue within 30 days from invoice date by either calling us at 1800 120 3441 or email at

The refund policy is applicable only for products in saleable condition, only if accompanied with an invoice. If at all a product is observed to have been intentionally damaged or misused the Returns warranty stands void. It is obligatory upon our promoters and customers to exercise the Product Return &Refund Policy in fairness.

Elevatelife Products Returns Policy:

Return the products within 30 days of purchase date as follows:

Condition Time Period Payment
Saleable * Within 30 days of purchase Invoiced value

GST (Goods & Services Tax)

*Saleable refers to products that are unopened.

Reference Notes:

The condition of purchased goods must be saleable i.e. any seal/protection on the goods is kept unbroken.

IF the fulfillment the above conditions, the Direct seller can be exercised his/her right of buy-back policy with in a period of 30 days, from the date of the distribution and billing of the goods to the direct seller.

The company is responsible to buyback/repurchases of the goods on submission of proof of original Bill and/or delivery Challan, ID, Address Proof and purchased goods in Just as it as condition i.e. any seal/protection on the goods is kept unbroken.

The company shall refund full amount after deducting of packaging, courier, and applicable taxes etc as per the norms issued by the Govt.

The product(s) must be returned to an Authorised Distribution Centre where you purchase the same product.

A specific form of return must be duly filled and signed by the customer and upline or centre incharge (as the case may be). The form shall be scanned and forwarded to within 24 hours of return. The product must reach the company head office within 6 days of return accepted by the centre.

Period of return for products is calculated as the number of days from the Invoice Date, to the date of receipt at the Centre.

Condition refers to the condition in which the stock is received back as a return. The product can be 'Saleable ' or 'Un-Saleable ' or ‘Rejected for Return’depending on the condition of the returned stock as assessed by the executive at company head office or factory wherever the returned product reaches first.

Net Sales Volume adjustment of Products returned shall be processed in the same month. Total Points/Net Sales Volume of the returned products will be deducted from the returning promoters’ account and the sales benefits, incentives or bonuses shall be deducted from all respective beneficiaries and shall reflect in immediate next payout and also deducted sale the applicable GST and other Taxes ete.

The Product Return Policy does not apply to any sales aids.

Total returns cannot exceed the quantity appearing on the Invoice.

If products are returned by customers directly to Elevatelife Products Pvt. Ltd., Net Sales Volume adjustment shall be done from the Promoters’ account & any excess amount paid shall be recoverable from Promoter.

The customer or Business Associate who has returned a particular product shall not be entitled for return of a repurchase within 30 days of return invoice date of the same product.

Cooling Off Period::

Should a new Promoter choose to terminate the Contract and exit the business during first 30 days of Joining, he/she will be able to return all the Products and get refund as per refund policy.